Raindrop therapy offers help for immune, pain, stress and more.


Drops of oils along the spine are feathered in stimulating the pathways.

I remember getting the flu a few years ago during a time when I wasn’t taking great care of myself. I could tell early on that it was going to be a rough one. I called my friend Queta who offered to give me a Raindrop session. During that session, I experienced many things that I wasn’t expecting to happen. The most memorable thing happened about 10 minutes into the session. I had an overwhelming feeling that the “great burden” (of stress~too much of it) was lifted off of my shoulders. Did someone wave a magic wand and all of my sources of stress disappeared? I wish.  In hindsight, I think it must have been my body responding to the oils. I can be a bit “type A” at times and so even when my husband says “sit and relax a minute” I scoff at him and mentally calculate all of the “to do’s” still on my list. What I mean by responding to the oils is that I acknowledged that yes, there was a great deal left to accomplish (that day, that week, that month) but I wasn’t feeling stressed and overwhelmed by it all. How many of you can say you have recently felt that  type of relief? How the heck did this happen and what exactly is Raindrop (aka “RDT”)? I had become Zen Mommy in minutes. Anyone who’s ever had a Raindrop is quick to get back on the table for another one when given the chance. You feel fresh, like someone took all the bad stuff out.

What is a Raindrop? application of these oils to the feet and spine:  Valor (for structural balancing and alignment), Oregano (awakens cell receptors, kills pathogens and helps digest toxic substances on the receptor sites), Thyme (kills pathogens and digests waste and toxic substances on the receptor sites), Basil (relaxes muscle tension), Cypress (improves circulation and is an oil for pituitary gland), Wintergreen (reduces pain), Marjoram (strengthens muscles), Peppermint (promotes greater oil penetration) and Aroma Siez (muscle relaxation and pain reduction), White Angelica (protection from adversarial energies – Raindrop giver wears this prior to starting)

First the Raindrop giver will balance your body’s energy at the feet and shoulders with Valor. Then they apply Valor to your feet and use Vitaflex (a rolling motion from pads of fingers to tips rolling over to nail beds – hard to describe but it is soothing). Then each oil from Oregano to Peppermint is applied to each foot. Then you flip over to your tummy so they can next apply the same oils along the spine. Depending on what you have going on (stress, pain, immune challenge) the Raindrop giver might add an “extra” oil just for you. I like to add Peace & Calming for stress or Release. But maybe adding R.C. for sinus or cough might make sense. Or Thieves for extra immune protection. Or RutaVaLa if you are locked in fight or flight with your nervous system. Or maybe Joy if you are feeling down. Or Tangerine if you are feeling dizzy or need emotional balance. So many choices.

The last part of Raindrop is my very favorite (my kids too) – applying a dry towel then hot wrung out moist towel, then dry towel. And then you “cook”. It’s delightful.

My experience over the last 7 years with Raindrop is that it has given our immune systems what it needs to get to work healing us. It’s helped my hubby with jet lag, it’s helped me with relaxation, it’s helped the kids for a whole garden variety of common colds over the years. You all know how it healed Buddy, my dog. Took him from paralyzed to walking in less than 24 hours (this is after the vet told us he’d need 2 months to walk again if at all). My dad had horrible gout pain when he got on my table one time and when he got off he had to think about what number to give his “pain” because he didn’t really feel it any more. His tremors also stopped during the Raindrop. So I KNOW Raindrop is a powerful healing tool.

Raindrop is sold as a kit. If you really get into it, you can order each oil individually in bigger bottles. I did – never looked back. It also comes with a DVD so even those of you who are “new” to Raindrop can get your hubby or wife to give one to you – it’s not complicated.  The best Raindrops are given by certified practitioners but anyone can do this pretty darn well since the oils are doing most of the work.

There are several short videos that folks have put up on YouTube if you go looking for them (just in case you are a see one do one kind of person like I am)

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