Men can boost testosterone levels naturally…

Supports mend AND women’s endocrine systems. “It should be a staple.” Dan Purser MD


 If you could balance your man’s hormones naturally for better energy, mood, libido and health would you try it?

Research is showing that men’s hormones are responsible for ideal health and longevity. If your hormone levels are optimal then you generally fall into a category of reduced risk for many health issues such as heart attacks, diabetes, depression, stroke and prostate cancer.

After attending an all day seminar with Dr. Dan Purser MD I learned this about men’s health and hormones:

Low testosterone in men can show up in the following ways: decreased/disappearing libido, depression, fatigue, ADHD symptoms, bipolar symptoms, photophobia, anxiety, weight gain, muscle wasting, slow decision making, arthritis, ED (erectile dysfunction), diabetes, heart attack, stroke, prostate cancer (Dr. Purser recommends that testosterone be given one month after treatment for prostate cancer), increased risk of falling, migraines.

So what is a normal level for men’s testosterone? Well, Dr. Purser told us 800-1400 (higher in younger men and men who work out a lot) is good, 360 is severe and if a doctor tells your husband that it’s normal, the test range is “bogus”. He educated us on the ranges of lab tests and how they are established. The last 1,000 men who got their testosterone tested in that lab determine the range (without the tails of the lowest 100 and highest 100). Using these lab ranges for reference  is like having an oven with a broken thermometer and trying to write a cookbook from your experiences. It won’t be accurate for other people.

Migraines: “Low testosterone levels in men cause headaches — sometimes even migraines (most migraines in men).” Dan Purser, MD

It is rare that testosterone is due to Primary Hypogonadism (unless damage to testicle or had mumps). It’s more likely that the testosterone deficiency begins in the pituitary/hypothalamus which is easily damaged if you’ve ever played football, played soccer, had a concussion (mild or severe), been in a car accident or had a traumatic brain injury (TBI), air bags deployed on car, snorting/huffing drugs, radiation exposure (common in dentists and doctors) or prolonged extremely high stress .

There are other tests that should be looked at, if they are elevated then likely damage to gonads not from pituitary:

LH – luteinizing hormone ,FSH – follicle stimulating hormone, Free and Total Testosterone (greater than 800 is ideal)DHEA-SO4 (ideal is 400-500)

Doctors rarely check testosterone levels and freely prescribe medications like Cialis and Viagra. Still doesn’t fix things.

Male Protocol to naturally optimize hormones* (suggested by Dr. Purser):

  • PD 80/20 with pregnenalone &  DHEA– take every other day until you break out then 1 capsule 2x a week  Item #3263 – $61.00 (pregnenalone has been found in studies to increase testosterone levels and synthesis, also “very good stuff for increasing men’s sexuality”)
  • Ultra Young Spray with DHEA (has L-Argenine that helps with erections and sperm production, stimulates pituitary, can normalize LH/FSH/HGH) Item #3245 – $42.75
  • Endogize (has zinc and DHEA and essential oils that stimulate gonads) – Take nightly for a week or 2 then ever other night after that. Dr. Purser says it should be a staple. Item #3090 – $61.00
  • OmegaGize – CoQ10 builds TES/Sperm; Vita D-3 critical TES builder; reduces risk of stroke or coronary, has everything in it for good sperm production.  Item #3097 – $58.75
  • Mineral Essence60 ionic trace minerals, most health issues can be traced to mineral deficiency (3 dropperfuls daily) Item #3090 – $61.00
  • Idaho Blue Spruce acts like LH and helps with testosterone levels 8 drops applied topically  Item #3093 – $24.75 – 5 ml.
  • Prostate Health – essential oils to increase prostate flow, helps libido, reduces prostate pain,take 1 @ night. Item #4644 – $34.75
  • Master His Vitamins – created for hormone balancing,insurance for good health has vitamins and minerals, take 3x week.  Item #3218 – $38.75
  • Mister Oil Blend on location may be helpful (Testicle Vitaflex point on the ankles or directly on area between scrotum and anus) 3-4 drops twice a day  Item #3381 – $37.75 – 15 ml.
  • Clary SageMen can use this on the back of brain stem 2x a day for clearer vision and sight  Item #3521 – $47.50
  • Idaho Blue Spruce – 8 drops/day in a capsule have been shown to increase testosterone by 30% in 2 weeks. Item #3093 – $24.75 **helpful with  migraines**
  • Super B – good for blood vessels, heart, testosterone levels, lowers triglycerides, good for adrenals, good for people who tend to fatigue, take nightly. Item #3240 – $20.75
Be Patient. Be consistent. Eat well. Continue to exercise. Get rest. Listen to your body. 
Many of the above supplements and oils can ALSO be used by women who need to balance out their hormones. Stay tuned for part 2 when I will share my notes on women’s hormones. 
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