Thieves Household cleaner- it really is ALL purpose!

Safe to keep under the sink without baby proofing. Cleans entire house, your lungs and body will benefit from breathing this cleaner in!

Thieves Household Cleaner is a very cost effective way to replace all the toxic cleaners you’ve been meaning to get out of your home. 

Would it simplify your life to be able to use ONE cleaner?  Thieves Household Cleaner can be used to:  degrease, to remove tough laundry stains, to clean your granite, clean car upholstery, remove carpet stains, remove sharpie from furniture, replace toxic fume glass cleaner, clean tubs/tile, remove mold, get sticky stuff off, get paint off hands, clean floors (yep, you could eat off them safely), veggie wash and much, much more.

It has really simplified my life. If I need a little abrasive action for tubs/toilets I will make a paste from the Thieves Household cleaner and baking soda or borax and maybe add a few drops of lemon or orange oil to give it extra oomph. You know those textured no slip surfaces in tubs that never quite seem to get clean – try the Thieves cleaner/baking soda/Lemon paste with a good stiff brush. You’ll be amazed.

Mold? Dr. Ed Close PhD has created a whole protocol using Thieves Household cleaner and Thieves oil for serious mold removal. I’m talking about the black mold – the kind that can make you really sick. For you scientific nuts, he’s done statistical studies with hundreds of case studies where mold count is measured before and after diffusing straight Thieves cleaning Thieves Household Cleaner. If you want to know more about that, look for his book Nature’s Mold Rx.

Stink? Thieves can get just about any funky smell out. I spray it in my trash can liner. I’ve dropped a capful in my dumpster when in the AZ summers it gets nasty smelling and boy what a difference that makes!

Stains? I have a spray bottle in my laundry room for any laundry pre-treating. I might also add a few drops of undiluted Thieves Cleaner if it’s a tough stain and maybe a capful in the laundry soap if it’s especially gross.

Veggie wash? I fill my sink with water and 1/2 capful of Thieves Household cleaner and soak my produce. Works great, kills any nasty bacteria and for those of you who aren’t buying organic, it helps wash off the pesticide residue.

Grout? I have “tired” grout that has been with us since I had crawling babies that would smear all kinds of things into the grout. I have discovered that a good stiff grout brush and a spray bottle of all purpose-strength dilution of  Thieves Household cleaner changes my grout color from dark to the color it’s supposed to be.

If you could use something that won’t trigger asthma or migraines and wouldn’t require a call to Poison Control if ingested, wouldn’t you rather have that under your sink?

Order your Thieves Household Cleaner today- get the toxic products out of your home. (click HERE to order)

P.S.  the BEST value for new Young Living members is the Thieves Start Living Kit – a great way to get rid of “sick home” syndrome. Current members get your BEST deal with the Thieves kit through Essential Rewards.

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