Plectranthus Oregano helped with neuropathy…


Plectranthus Oregano helped with neuropathy:

At yesterday’s oil gathering we were sharing/discussing the Exotic Oils that were released at YL Convention. In the booklet that came with them it said that Plectranthus Oregano is good for joint mobility. Not quite a neuropathy oil, but for whatever reason I was led to apply 2-3 drops to my friend’s leg. She said she came to the gathering with sharp, “on fire” nerve pain in her leg, likely from sciatica.  A few minutes after applying a few drops of Plectranthus Oregano she said the fire was gone, pain was way down. She was amazed. I was amazed (but not surprised).


What a great example of the power of essential oils. Simple to apply. Just put them where the problem is. They work fast. Minutes later she said she felt a dramatic difference in the pain (or lack of). They bring results… as long as you are using a pure oil like those from Young Living. We know where they come from, we know how they are distilled, we know what they can do.

Bottles of possibilities.


Plectranthus Oregano comes from a special set of oils that was only available to those attending the Young Living convention however, I heard Gary Young say on a conference call that we as YL distributors have the power to determine if an oil is an offering or not. He said that if  enough distributors report back that they really want an oil, he will make it available to us. Look for these oils in the 2013 Christmas catalog (limited supply).IMG_0374

More about Plectranthus Oregano:

A hardy aromatic perennial originating from S. Africa. Gary Young chose to grow it as an oregano alternative at the 2,500 acre Young Living Ecuador Farm – he dubbed it “plectranthus oregano” because of it’s oregano-like aroma an flavor. It is traditionally used in the Caribbean to promote relaxation. It also has a traditional use in cooking, as a tea and to support healthy joint mobility.

Everyday Use of Plectranthus Oregano:

- Diffuse with Thieves to support healthy air in your home/office.

- Add a few drops to your favorite massage oil to support joint mobility *** (worth a try for neuropathy based on my friend’s results)

- Mix 4 drops in V6 massage oil with 4 drops Xiang Mao, Hong Kuai, Biblical Sweet Myrrh, Yuzu (oil found in NingXia Red juice) and Amazonian Ylang Ylang (wow! intoxicating, delightful aroma) and apply to overworked muscles.

- FOOD: add to extra virgin olive oil to use as a dip for artisan bread or add to salad vinaigrette – 1-2 drops is plenty! Try toothpick method of dipping a toothpick into opening and stirring toothpick into oil or dressing.

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