Gluten Free Egg Free YL Lemon/Lime cake – moist, delicious!

Gluten and egg free! YL Lemon and Lime oils used.

Gluten and egg free! YL Lemon and Lime oils used.

Gluten Free Egg Free YL Lemon/Lime cake – moist, delicious!

“Mom, can you make me a Lemon cake for my birthday cake this year?”  

“Sure hon.” (Yikes) We are on a 90 day elmination of wheat and eggs to rest and repair the gut until the end of September.My awesome lemon cake recipe (from Dr. Weil’s recipes) takes 5 eggs and uses regular wheat….)

Hello Google my old friend. 

I was lucky enough to find this recipe . It called for 4 eggs but instructs you how to make the cake without the eggs and even mentioned that in the test kitchen version of egg free that it tasted delicious.

So where to do the Young Living oils come into play? I have found over the years that adding a Young Living oil to a recipe adds a flavor dimension that makes the food taste amazing. I make salad dressings (essential oils turn a ho hum salad dressing into the most flavorful, rich dressing you’ve ever tasted… Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Marjoram, Tarragon, Dill, Lemon, Lime, Cinnamon) The key in most cases is to not use too much. This example of using 10 drops of Lemon is unusual but Lemon cake recipes can take it.

If I were using Oregano or Thyme or Basil in my salad dressing recipe I would only add 1 drop.

If I were adding those oils to my spaghetti sauce  I would stick a toothpick in the  oil bottle then stir it into the sauce to add the oil flavor (can you tell I have thrown out pasta sauce for being “over flavored” before? ). By the way, don’t stick the toothpick back into your oil bottle  if you still need more flavor… Don’t waste your money on the grocery store lemon extract, you’ll be disappointed compared to this.

Don’t try to use the healthfood store brand (check your bottle, even though it says “100% pure essential oil” the side of the health food store oils usually say not for internal consumption (gee whiz what on earth did they add to that lemon oil after they extracted it so that it’s not safe to ingest???).

Here’s what I did: 

Follow this recipe (I made the Mary’s flour blend in the recipe) used an egg replacement (EnerG Egg replacer)  and since I didn’t have a lemon to zest I used 10-drops of Lemon and 5 drops Lime oils. I still used lemon juice. Even the batter tasted amazing (safe to taste… no raw eggs). I didn’t make the lemon curd filling (know my son would turn his nose up at that).

I baked the cake in 2 9-inch rounds, lined with parchment paper

For frosting I used organic powdered sugar ,coconut milk and about 1 Tbs coconut oil and 10 drops YL Lemon oil and 2-3 drops Lime oil with some organic lemon juice (added until desired consistency). This made a thick icing that was easily spreadable but not drippy.


Moist, lovely lemon hint of lime flavor. Spongy. Did I mention moist?


If you haven’t seen my guacamole recipe on my Facebook page using Young Living Lime oil instead of lime juice, go check it out. It is amazing!

If you want to know how to add Orange oil to coconut haystacks click the link.

If  you would like to know why essential oils would be a good thing to add to foods (think smoothies, oatmeal, cookies, pasta sauce, soups, herbed oils etc. ) click here.


To order your own oils that not only could make your food taste amazing but also help you with things like occasional headaches, digestive concerns, immune support, sore muscles, promoting sleep, occasional stress, mood, dental health, internal irritation, respiratory support and more …


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My passion is to share options for getting your health back and keeping it that way. I’m so glad someone showed me years ago!

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Our sense of smell

Our sense of smell is  the most fascinating of our 5 senses.

It is a hot topic in scientific research, Linda Buck won a Nobel prize for her research and discovery about our sense of smell. She discovered we can recognize about 10,ooo different odors. That’s a LOT! This subject has been researched to see if aroma affects everything from our moods, emotions, memories, ability to concentrate and physiological responses such as heart rate, brain waves and even (no giggling) penile blood flow. So the impact of what we smell can affect us in a variety of ways. 



Our sense of smell is how we “map” and interact and communicate with our world. Behind the nose sits a patch of neuron receptors that each have their own DNA able to recognize different smells. In order for something to make it to this area in the nose it has to be a very light weight “volatile” (easy to evaporate) molecule  that floats in the air. Think of when you peel an orange, you release those volatile molecules from the orange (orange oil) into the air and because they are light (in molecular weight) they float there for a while. Someone coming into the room after you have peeled the orange will be able to detect the orange smell. 

Women tend to smell more accurately than men. Women who are ovulating are sensitive to male pheremones. Women are more likely than men to feel ill from common environmental chemicals like paint or (synthetic) perfume. Women who are pregnant often talk about how their sense of smell is heightened and that certain aromas can be overpowering to them. 


The right and left hemisphere of the brain come into play with our sense of smell. The left side is where more positive emotions are processed. Negative emotions are often processed by the right hemisphere of the brain.  When we smell an aroma on others it will affect what we think of them. Some studies have found that an “average looking” person will be thought of more favorably if someone thinks they “smell good” . 

By the time we are able to consciously name a scent it has already hit the limbic system and triggered a deep seated emotional response. 

05angier02_600 TO LIKE OR NOT LIKE: 

Whether we like a scent or not is absolutely a personal thing. It is dependent on specific memories and associations. Research shows that our like or dislike of an aroma will be based 100% on our emotional associations we have with that aroma. Sometimes, we may not be aware of this because it could have been something stored on a cellular level years ago. 

I personally think Valerian smells like dirty socks. My friend Jennifer doesn’t agree, she thinks it’s not bad at all. We both appreciate the fact that Valerian is fantastic for helping with sleep and calming nerves. I’m willing to use it, but prefer to do so internally or cover it up with an aroma I like over the top. 

I have heard that if you are repelled by an oil, that’s the one you need. I have also heard that if you are attracted to an oil, it’s the one you need. I haven’t heard  an expert weigh in on this topic yet, so if you know how to explain this phenomena, please comment below!


According to the Smell Report, people who are introverted or shy may be more sensitive to smell than extroverted/sociable people. The theory, based on something called a ” olfactory survival reflex” suggests that shy people become shy because their super sense of smell transmits primeval danger signals  – this makes them feel more vulnerable. ….. It’s an interesting theory. 

So could that mean that Valor blend aroma is a set of aromas that are comforting and soothing since many report that it helps with anxiety and builds confidence? 


Trauma: This is a great tool for  moms (and teachers). When a kid gets hurt or is very upset, they can smell an aroma such as Lavender, Valor, Orange, Lemon, Peace & Calming, Tranquil, Stress Away, Trauma Life and Frankincense to help calm the nerves. I’ve simply put several drops of Peace & Calming on my son’s spine when he was inconsolable and it helped him to calm down. 

Stress & Fatigue: One study showed that inhaling Lavender when taking a break from stressful or tedious work has the effect of improving work performance after this type of  “aroma” break. Peppermint and other stimulating aromas such as R.C.. Breathe Again, Lemon, Orange, Clarity, Thieves, Purification , Lavender are oils to inhale when you take a break from a tedious task, especially in the afternoon. Personally I find a drop of Peppermint and or Lemon in a shot of NingXia Red juice is an effective caffeine free pick-me-up in the late afternoon. 

Blood Pressure: A study in Korea found that inhaling essential oils can improve blood pressure and stress response. Some oils that are widely reported in the Young Living community to help are: Lavender, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Aroma Life, Peace & Calming, Citrus Fresh and Humility. 

There are so few alternative remedies that can address both our emotional and our physical health at the same time. Aromatherapy with essential oils can. 

All of you who follow me know that I refuse to use a low quality oil when it comes to my family’s health. I will only trust my family’s health to Young Living oils. I know that I can verify that they are true essential oils plus they have consistently worked for my family’s health concerns for 7 years. 

If you want to order oils for your emotional, spiritual, physical health, click HERE. 


Eat your essential oils- really, you can.

Go ahead… eat your essential oils.balsamic vinaigrette recipe

Herbs and spices do more than flavoring foods. They can function as immune support, help with internal irritation, sore muscles, immune support and more. Dried herbs lose a great deal of their essential oils in the drying process… so essential oils offer potency.

There are many ways that I use essential oils in my kitchen:

Adding YL oils to kombucha adds even more health benefits for things like digestion, detox and energy.

Adding YL oils to kombucha adds even more health benefits for things like digestion, detox and energy.

I recently discovered how to brew my own kombucha. It has been such a hit with my kids and it is so easy to make I have consistently stocked it in my house. I made my kombucha even better, by adding oils once my brew is done – 1-2 drops in each 20 oz bottle. The current favorites are Lemon/Lime and Tangerine/Lime or plain Lime. Can you see there’s a preference for Lime in my house? So what do they do? They offer limonene (great for immune system) and helps decongest lymph system. Plus it smells and tastes great.

I often use Lemon oil mixed with a little bit of olive oil after stir frying veggies. I dress the veggies with this mix.citrus oils

I have made Lemon cookies, Dr. Andrew Weil’s Olive Oil Lemon Cake. Sooo good.

I have made vinaigrettes with various oils… Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Marjoram. Go really easy on the number of drops, these oils are potent and can quickly ruin a dish if you use too much. Most folks use the “toothpick” method, just put a toothpick in that little opening in the stopper of the oil and then mix the toothpick in sauce etc.

I love to put a drop of Thieves in my morning Oatmeal. Have you tried Thieves in your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie?

I also like to mix it up and add Orange oil. Speaking of Orange oil or any of the citrus oils – have you tried them in a smoothie? The local organic juice bar, Earth Bar and Spa has been making “mojitos” with YL Peppermint. They discovered one drop is … well, intense. So they are using the toothpick method.oils for drinking

Let’s not ignore the “non-cooking” ways to ingest oils… in your water. Just be sure to use stainless steel, glass or ceramic containers. Oils are pretty effective at breaking down petrochemicals and they’ll do it to your plastic containers (made of petrochemicals) and you’d end up ingesting plastic… yuck. Try these in water: Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine, Citrus Fresh, Lemongrass, Clove, Thieves. By the way, I don’t mean all at once. Just put a drop in a glass of water and sip. You get aromatic benefits as well.

If you don’t like pesticides in your foods, then you definitely don’t want them in your oils. There’s only one essential oil company that can guarantee that, Young Living. You can visit any of the farms to see for yourself. Transparency. I appreciate that.

So, go ahead, eat your essential oils. As long as they are Young Living.

To order click HERE.



Benefits of ingesting essential oils in drinks like kombucha…

Lime and Tangerine oil offer immune support and a fragrant influence to calm nervous tension. Added to my homebrew of kombucha makes it the perfect drink around the holidays.

People are always looking for an alternative to drinking sodas. They find water boring. If you could drink something that tastes good and benefits your health… would that interest you?

Kombucha + YL Lime + YL Tangerine = YUM!

Some of you have heard me talk about making kombucha. My friend and fellow oiler Sydney taught me how simple it is to make your own kombucha. Hmmmm. Buy ONE bottle of kombucha at Whole Foods for $3.75 OR make 6-8 equivalent bottles at home for about $3. Gee, let me think about that.

You might be wondering WHY would I bother? Well my kids are always pestering me – “Mom, do we have anything in the house BESIDES water to drink?” Guilty. Don’t like to buy juice. Don’t buy soda. My youngest likes to drink water and Tangerine oil but my older boy doesn’t really care for oils and water (but he’s a champ about taking drops of Lavender under the tongue if needed for allergies).

Since my kids have so many food sensitivities, it makes them “different” from their peers (who eat crap) in social settings. I thought kombucha might be something that tastes good AND is good for them (everybody’s happy). My kids drink this for breakfast, lunch and dinner and in between. They tell me it kind of tastes like 7Up or Sierra Mist with the Lime and Tangerine.

You can Google the benefits of kombucha, but in a nutshell it’s alkalizing and helps to improve digestion among the many reported benefits.

So how to flavor it? Plain kombucha tastes nice to me, sort of like a less sweet version of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider. But I’m an oiler so I wanted to find a way to get oils into my kids in a stealth way.

After brewing my kombucha for 7 days, I pour it into swing top glass bottles (you can find at a beer making supply store) to maintain the fizz. I add 1 drop Lime and 1 drop Tangerine oil. Put it into the fridge overnight so the flavors really mix (but my kids never wait, they want one right away).

Seriously – if you are a kombucha maker or are considering making it, you gotta try this flavor.

Benefits of Lime oil: antirheumatic, antiviral, antibacterial ( this time of the year we sure could benefit from antibacterial properties), supports and strengthens the respiratory and immune systems. It has limonene which means it has chemopreventive properties (feel free to go to PubMed and look up limonene and cancer).

Tangerine: very high in limonene (85-93%), anti-tumoral, relaxant (got any stress this time of the year?), antispasmodic, digestive aid, circulatory enhancer, helps with fluid retention. The fragrant influence is it helps with anxiety and nervousness.

You smell the oils when you drink the kombucha so you get both the aromatic influence AND the food supplement benefits.

I haven’t found any kombucha flavor recipes with essential oils – had to make my own.

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