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A cracked tooth and oils for pain

A cracked tooth and oils for pain

If you’ve ever experienced a cracked tooth, you know the electrical jolt and pain that goes along with it when you eat or drink hot or cold foods. As far as I’m concerned, it would be less painful to stick a fork directly into an electrical outlet. (not that I’ve tried it)

Thieves oil blend is a great oil to use on dental issues for infection and pain. The clove oil is a powerful antioxidant and has eugenol which has been used for a very long time in dentistry for pain. It pretty much numbs the area in seconds. The Cinnamon bark, Eucalyptus radiata, Lemon and Rosemary offer excellent immune protection  by creating a hostile environment for bacteria. Why didn’t I just stick with Thieves?

It was perfect until I added Wintergreen. Wintergreen is highly anti-inflammatory, an analgesic/anesthetic (helps with pain) and helps with muscle/nerve pain. Sounded like the perfect oil for my situation. Except Wintergreen can bring a cooling sensation. That was most definitely NOT what I needed with a cracked tooth. Cold = ouch.

Now I was in a different kind of pain that was pulsing and radiating beyond that tooth. So I looked it up in the oils reference guide. It suggested Roman chamomile. Which I didn’t have… but I did have Tranquil Roll- On which does have Roman chamomile oil. So I rubbed that on my gums.(not delicious by the way) Better, but not pain free yet. Still throbbing. It was like I had woken up a sleeping dragon with the Wintergreen! It was at bedtime and I knew sleep wasn’t going to happen if I was in this kind of pain.

I’m out of ideas at this point so I thought I’d call one of my oily friends who might have better suggestions (Candace Hoke). Candace has written an excellent book called Escent-Oil Balance Manual with “discussions, charts and illustrations to give an essential oil user or student a better understanding of any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body’s response to therapeutic grade essential oil applications to a specific point on its body.  It does not matter if a body has 2 legs, 4 legs or none.  Nor does it matter if a body has hands, paws, claws or hooves.” (so, good for humans and animals). Thanks to Candace’s wisdom, my dog Buddy went from paralyzed to walking again.

I knew Candace would ask me “Did y’all look in the book?” Um. Nope. So I looked in her book. I looked up toothache and I ruled out which points didn’t apply to my situation. Then I found L i 4 (large intestine 4). It’s on the hand where the thumb and fingers meet (just above that webbed area).

Apply an oil to this point for pain (NOT for pregnant women!)

So I applied a drop of Peppermint (because it was on my desk in front of me and I know Peppermint is a good oil to drive other oils in) to the L i 4 point on my hand and I pressed (strong pressure) on it while taking nice deep breaths.

The pain melted away immediately. I could not believe it! It was a miracle! I never ended up calling Candace. I got what I needed (her wisdom) from her book.

So the lesson my oily friends is…

  1. It is helpful to know the properties of oils before you apply them.
  2. Combining modalities can be where real magic happens. (Aromatherapy + Energy medicine)
  3. Being aware of accupressure/accupuncture points can be extremely helpful in tough situations.
  4. There are many resources out there to use to give ourselves excellent care. Use the resources!
  5. Thieves and Clove oils are excellent for any dental pain. They definitely worked.

Other pain recipe I used:

“Morphine Bomb”

  • 5 drops Idaho Balsam Fir
  • 5 drops Frankincense
  • 5 drops Copaiba

I put this into a gel capsule and ingested it. It was phenomenal for managing the pain as I was waiting for my dental appointment. This combination definitely works.

I am just so grateful to have these natural remedies that work VERY quickly. Work consistently. No side effects (except maybe the cooling effect from Wintergreen… but on joints and muscles that could be a really good thing). I haven’t had aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen in my home in 8 years… don’t need them.

If you would like to know how to get Thieves oil blend go HERE.

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